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Small Tools and Accessories

  • Basic Split Ring Plier Basic Split Ring Plier

    Basic Split Ring Plier

    Quality at a low price Good second / backup pair of split ring pliers 100% Aluminum construction will not rust Mono/Braid cutters Carry holster and clip on coiled lanyard compare to similar models costing over $20  

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    Nylon + Fiberglass body will not rust Two types of connectors included (loop and clasp) Has infinite stops so you can pull it out 6 inches it will stop you can pull it out 12 inches it will stop until retracted again

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  • Cap Retainer

    Cap Retainer

    Securely and easily holds any style cap to collar; 316 stainless steel clips: corrosion resistant, firm and durable; Stretch-resistant, waterproof and heat resistant coiled cord. Material: 316 Stainnless

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  • GT Fisher High Strength Split Ring GT Fisher High Strength Split Ring

    GT Fisher High Strength Split Ring

    Made from alloy stainless steel, high strength and corrosion resistant; Thickened wire with strong power; Wide application for various itemsV; Flattening ring to increase overall strength; Inner oblique design. #5 Poundage: 189lb Drag...

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  • GT Fisher Rod Rack

    GT Fisher Rod Rack

    Nice and practical for easy storage; Environmental and healthy material; The center of gravity is stable and durable; Rounded corners and double-sided opening; Increased opening diameter.

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  • Glasses


    HDR optical technology lens with a clear vision; Light but strong high-tech frame from memory material; High quality lenses to protect eyes from UV damage; Anti-slip rubber embedded inside the legs; Skin-friendly nose pads: three-point fit.

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  • Carbon Fiber Knot Stick Carbon Fiber Knot Stick

    Carbon Fiber Knot Stick

    Great PE and leader line knot tying tool: widely used and essential for sea fishing; Using high Carbon Fiber + quality alloy, the device is corrosion resistant and can be used for a long time; The main part is made of non-slip EPDM material: high...

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